About Us

The Metro Detroit Jazz Orchestra is making waves throughout the Detroit jazz community with its ability to swing, its strong musicianship and its ability to keep the music true. This is no accident. The orchestra is full of veterans of the Detroit jazz scene, as well as some newcomers.

Formed in 2015 by Detroit transplant and saxophonist Jim Wilpula, The Metro Detroit Jazz Orchestra is dedicated to playing the very best in big band jazz. The band plays the arrangements from the libraries of Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and more. The orchestra will also be playing arrangements written by members of the band and other prolific writers in the Metro Detroit area.

Our featured male vocalist, Gary Sacco, has been on the scene in Metro Detroit for many years. Gary has established himself as an outstanding singer and his vocal stylings bring us all back to the glory days of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Not only does Gary sing with MDJO, but he can also be seen with various other bands throughout the area.

Be sure to check out the swingin’ machine known as The Metro Detroit Jazz Orchestra. From Kenton ballads to fast swingin’ Buddy Rich & Frank Sinatra classics, this 17-piece jazz orchestra is sure to keep you on the edge of your chair with your toes tappin’.